topic 1 dq 2 comment 6

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topic 1 dq 2 comment 6
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The topic I found most interesting in the readings was how spirituality has such an impact in healthcare. Spirituality can have a major effect on mortality, coping and recovery. According to studies patients with spiritual beliefs have been found to live longer, have more positive outlook on illness and help people to worry less decreasing recovery times. It is important as a nurse to know the state of your patient’s spirituality, having this connection with the patient can be beneficial to their healthcare process. “Patients seek control through a partnership with God, ask God’s forgiveness and try to forgive others, draw strength and comfort from their spiritual beliefs, and find support from a spiritual or religious community. These actions lead to less psychological distress,” (Puchalski, 2001). My analysis of the readings regarding disease and healing are that everyone will face illness in their life in one form or another, be it directly or indirectly but which both could have major impact to their life. The state of their spirituality can help guide them through their process and having a healthcare team that shares a similar spiritual belief can strengthen the outcome of patient health care.