discussion replies 41

Respond to the two discussion posts below with short essays and must contain a minimum of 100 words each. Replies must be constructive which means they do not simply state agreement or disagreement re-highlighting points already made in prior posts (those words do NOT count). Replies must offer additional information or input to the discussion of the current event and lesson concepts. All statements using points that are not general knowledge should be properly cited to their source in the contents of this essay with a reference listing at the bottom.

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discussion replies 41
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1)Leadership is a role that most people want to play. But, just because you are in a leadership position does not mean that you know what you are doing or even that you are comfortable leading. Taking on a leadership position does not mean that you automatically have the skills that is required for this position. A lot of people have to adjust and learn their leadership style. Everyone has differently leadership styles. Being in a leadership position does still mean that you are human and probably will be still making positions. Being in a leadership position still requires you to learn.

For my first article I am going to choose the Ford Pinto article. The ford pinto article is an example of an unethical decision by Ford that happened in the 1970s. This decision involved the introduction of the new automobile, the Ford Pinto. The Ford Pinto was a compact car that had an inclination to drip gasoline after being in a rear-end accident. A devastating tendency resulting from these crashes is that the car would burst pretty much into flames. I do not agree with ford’s decision. It was actually a very highly poor decision if you asked me. According to the article from mother jones In a crash test ford actually found out that the pinto fuel system would rupture very easily in a rear end collision (Dowie, 1977). I also believe that ford’s decision was also poor and unethical because he waited eight years to make any changes to the car and when asked why he waited to long he stated ““cost-benefit analysis,” which places a dollar value on human life, said it wasn’t profitable to make the changes sooner” (Dowie, 1977).


2) The well-known coffee and donut shop we have all grown to know and love decided to change it’s name officially to just “Dunkin’” at the beginning of the year. This was all done in an effort to re-brand. This re-branding was done to appeal to the younger generations (Taylor, 2018). The focus shifting to cater towards frozen and specialty drinks along with other different breakfast sandwiches and options (Taylor, 2018). The idea is all in effort to make the company more modern with the times including kiosk ordering. Although the higher ups at Dunkin’ think that this will be a new successful direction with the company and their rising stocks, not everyone agrees. Customers offered backlash on social media suggesting the idea to be absurd after being known for years as offering America’s number one donuts (Taylor, 2018). Laura Ries, an Atlanta based marketing consultant, was another to not agree with the name change. She believes that the name will eventually not mean anything to the younger generations who did not grow up with the legendary donut name. Changing the name could also have negative impacts for consumers overseas. Having the name donut in the name helps people to understand what the company sells. Other companies have tried more recently to shorten their names for re-branding purposes and have failed miserably (Kline, 2017). Basically, a way for them to be more hip and again re-appeal to younger customers. Those companies were met with ridicule and failure (Kline, 2017).

I personally have mixed feelings on the name re-branding. I totally understand why the company wants to roll out something fresh to compete with the ever growing on the go coffee industry. They are in the ranks with Starbucks. Overall though, I believe they could have kept the same name and still rolled out new ideas or a fresh logo. I think that younger generations have already started to catch on to the Dunkin’ coffee craze which is shown in the stock rising. These kids have grown up going to Dunkin’ for donuts and now for coffee. Now, there will be questionable issues overseas and long-time customers. We will have to see how things progress in the coming months, it will be interesting.