3 5 page essay 4

Scenario: You have been promoted to an organizational unit whose performance has been less than stellar. This organizational unit is very diverse in terms of: race/ethnicity, gender, generational, and LGBT employees. A new Governor has been elected and he is depending on your Department to deliver on his campaign promises to create a more effective state government. You have seven supervisors who report to you.

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3 5 page essay 4
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Cover page with assignment, your name and class. Do not use headers or footers. The cover page does not count as part of the 3-5-page count.

Summary: Summarize and describe the 5 areas that managers mentor their employees on page 150.

Analysis: Leading people: Describe the 4 competencies on leading people in chapter 8.3.3 pages 173-174. Part of your analysis is how the 5 areas work together to develop and mentor employees.

Recommendations: Develop your recommendations for managers to mentor (use the 5 areas from your summary and the four competencies in 8.3.3) the employees on leading people. Use concrete examples of what actual activities that will be used for each of the 5 areas in your summary. Include a brief implementation plan.

pages 150- 158 included

pages 172-174 included