week 5 discussion importance of collaboration

Read Chapters 10-13 (Karsh & Fox)

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week 5 discussion importance of collaboration
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Karsh & Fox (2019) state that, “because most of us don’t really understand collaboration, we tend to be skeptical about its importance, sometimes viewing it as mere jargon,” (p.184). Collaboration is a key piece of both the non-profit and grant writing world, and it is important to understand the benefits of such collaborations.

This week, I want you to provide a brief summary of how you define collaboration in relation to grant writing and any preconceived notions you may have had about collaboration (that healthy bit of skepticism) that you felt the chapter helped dispel. Then discuss the benefit of collaboration in these three key areas: Grant Acquisition/Obtainment, Fundraising, and Program Sustainability.

  • Please explain in detail and use the book and other sources to support your answer.
  • Remember thorough follow up posts are included as part of the participation grade

Please note:

  • Initial Discussion Board Post Due Friday by 11:59 (250 word minimum) (please back up your comments with citations from the book or articles you have read) I do not just want your opinions, but I want you to back it up with research demonstrating you are reading the book and outside sources.
  • Discussions are the place to gain a deeper understanding of the material, so please embrace this process.
  • Very important to cite and to be providing sources to support your points of view.
  • Sources can be from the text book or information you found elsewhere.