book analysis on the elegant universe by brian greene

All of these elements should be easily found in your analysis.

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book analysis on the elegant universe by brian greene
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1. Who is the author and what is his/her general background? Why might they have written this book?

2. An explanation of the author’s thesis: What is the focus of this book? What was he trying to say?

3. What struck you or stood out in this book and why? Be as reflective and thoughtful as you can. This is the soul of the paper.

4. How does this book change/challenge the way you look at or think about some previously held belief about the world? If it did not change or challenge anything for you, then carefully explain why.

I can provide attachments of the book (its about 400 pages)

***You will have to read an entire book for this analysis!!!****

I Do NOT need a cover page or a works-cited, I want 2 pages *SINGLE SPACED* of pure knowledge. please and thank you.

you can go over 1000 words but please don’t go under.