i need as small 2 paragraph review of a outline

I need the following outline reviewed and discussed in 4 paragraphs only. It needs to be detailed though discussing most of the topics in the outline!

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i need as small 2 paragraph review of a outline
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NP Proposal


Effective Methods of Training and Employment for the Underserved Population to Aid in Economic Growth and Independent Living.


As a representative of the underserved population, I have unfortunately been privy to the lack of optimism in employment options for teens and adults with intellectual disability. Are there needs assessments being done and accurate skill matches to determine the right employment fits, or is there a predetermined limited expectation placed. If so, how do we solve for that? Teens and adults diagnosed intellectually disabled have several levels of functionality, which determines their dreams and aspirations. When that possibility is restricted or limited, it can result is adverse reactions such as depression, behavioral issues, isolation and sometimes substance abuse. If we want to continue to encourage and support economic growth, the fight for independence for this population is essential. The only way to effectively accomplish this is through training and education.

Problem Statement:

Most, if not all educational institutions that service special needs children and young adults allow enrollment until the age of 21. In the Pennsylvania area alone, special education approved private schools such as Elwyn and Pathway house teenagers that have very intentional goals for themselves and are sometimes unfortunately faced with concentrated support that represents their limitations as oppose to their potential.Everyone has the right to live to their full potential. Currently, we are making decisions for a population who can and should be involved in making decisions that best suite their needs. Employment is a huge catalyst to independence, we need to create and/or exercise training methods tailored to needs as oppose to just deciding that its not possible or won’t yield intended results.

Research Question:

What does the current assessment of post high school employment for special education graduates look like? Have we asked them what they are interested in and provided training and resources to support in attainment? If so, what does this training look like and do parents know that it is available? Are educational institutions vested in the post graduation success of special education students? Do we partner with hiring managers that are educated on the strengths of this population and how their employment would serve as an asset?


Several methods will be used to extract information that answer these questions. Surveys to teachers and parents of special needs young adults.Interviews with parents and staff of special educations students, and current special needs employees.