human language

Listen to the following podcast (26 mins):

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human language
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Hidden Brain: Slanguage (Episode 57) or… “Why It’s Literally Not Wrong to Say ‘Literally'”

After listening to the podcast above, 1. comment on two of the questions below and 2. link to a relevant video, article, blog, etc.

You are required to cite your textbook with in-text citations in APA Style to support your answers.

  • Dr. McWhorter argues that “it’s the nature of human language to change. Each generation hears things and interprets things slightly differently from the previous one.” Give an example of something you interpret differently than someone in another generation. Is one way of interpreting that word or phrase more “right” than the other? Why?
  • Dr. Schwartzman explains that “important concepts and customs within a culture become embedded in its language” (p. 65). Give an example of how your own culture impacts the way you use language.
  • After listening to Dr. McWhorter describe how language changes from generation to generation, do you think Dr. Schwartzman’s statement that “meanings are created, not found” (p. 22) is true? Why or why not?