global business discussion 1

Discussion Topic: China and Mercantilism

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global business discussion 1
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Search term ”neo-mercantilism” to find the article entitled “China’s Global Energy Diplomacy: Behavior Normalization Through Economic Interdependence or Resource Neo-mercantilism and Power Politics?” and discuss the following:

  • Is China is pursuing a neo-mercantilist economic policy? Explain your position.
  • Based on your answer to part 1, should the United States and other trading partners of China take any action?

Be sure to address the Discussion topic(s) in at least 100 words


Gueldry, M., & Liang, W. (2016). China’s global energy diplomacy: Behavior normalization through economic interdependence or resource neo-mercantilism and power politics? Journal of Chinese Political Science, 21(2), 217–240. doi:10.1007/s11366-016-9405-3