answer the questions of the ventilation

1-Use internet and identify a recent EHS report about occupational accident case occurred between 2015-2020, in which poor ventilation play the primary role. Provide me the following information: company name, how many workers affected (deaths and or illnesses), what hazards, why ventilation is a primary problem, and website or article link.

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answer the questions of the ventilation
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2-Please list the hazards producing during abrasive blasting that need/ can be controlled using ventilation.

3-According to OSHA regulation, if the wheel (or disc) diameter for grinding, polishing, and buffing operations is increased, how should the minimum exhaust volume be changed? (Hint: table G 4-4)

4-Please define exhaust ventilation system

5-What is the ANSI Z9.2 that is adopted by OSHA?

6-Please define respirable dust