search for a job online questions

Search for a Job Online

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search for a job online questions
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If you know the company for which you would like to work,you may be able to visit that company’s website and search for a web page with current job postings. If you would like to search for openings in multiple companies, consider using a job search website .The following steps guide you through the process of searching for a job online. a. Run a browser. b. Use a search engine to locate a job search website and then navigate to the website. c. Many job search websites allow you to search for jobs by criteria,such as keyword,category or location. If you are searching for ajob in aspecific field,enter relevant keyword(s) (i.e.,software developer) or select an appropriate category (i.e.,technology).To limit your search results to aspecific geographical area, specify alocation (i.e.,Atlanta). d. Some websites allow you to search for jobs based on additional criteria,such as company,salary,job type, education,and experience.Specify these additional criteria by performing an advanced search. e. After entering the job search criteria,start the search. f. When the search results appear,scroll through the results.To find out more about a particular job,tap or click the job listing. g. If desired,follow the instructions in the job listing to apply for the job.

Exercises – Answer the three questions.

1. Review three job search websites.Which one did you like the best?Why?

2. Which keywords would you use on a job search website to search for a job in your desired field?

3. Before completing this exercise,have you ever searched for a job online? Do you think it is better to search for a job using a job search website,or by vising company websites directly and viewing their job postings? Justify your answer.

  • Answer the question at the end of the exercise. SUPPLEMENT the questions with details. Be sure to add in the details below when answering the questions in the book.
  • USE YOUR FIELD OF STUDY FOR THIS EXERCISE – I am studying accounting
    • Question 1: Give details, tell me what job search engines you used to search.
    • Question 2: Give me details, do not just provide 1 or 2 words. There should be a small list of different words that you can use to look for work. Pretend that you are actually looking to apply for a job. You DO NOT need to apply.
    • Question 3: Your answer should be at least a paragraph or 2. One sentence is not a paragraph.