3 pgs 750 words double spaced paper summary and critique of reading

Essay split into 3 parts: 1st page for a summary, 2nd page for a comparison, and 3rd page for critical evaluation of reading.

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3 pgs 750 words double spaced paper summary and critique of reading
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Assigned reading: Granovetter, Mark. (1978) “Threshold models of Collective behavior.” American Journal of Sociology 83(6): 1420-1443



250-300 word summary should answer the following questions: (most of the points go to this so make sure its accurate and precise)

1. what problem is being addressed

2. what is the main argument(s)?

3.which terms and concepts are central to the argument

4. how does the argument get supported

this should be very straight forward just summarize the main points of the reading and specifying the main argument and concepts, etc. please be as precise and as specific as you can when you talk about the main argument especially.




200 words comparison the reading: Here you compare and connect the assigned reading to theories presented in the Ermakoff reading by answering the following questions.

(For the Ermakoff reading read pages 211-241 only.)

Linked here –> (https://books.google.com/books?id=xusaaY2-6YcC&pg=…)

(1) how does the author’s argument expand, challenge, or refine previous readings or previous theories?

(2) To what extent does this argument contribute to the theoretical and empirical understanding of the issue under consideration?

!!!!Basically I want you to connect the themes present in the assigned reading to ones in the Ermakoff reading.

For the comparison part you’re connecting ideas and themes of the main paper (Merton) to the ideas and themes presented in the Ermakoff reading!!!!!



300 words critique the assigned reading:

1. provide a critical evaluation of the reading

2. what are the strengths and weaknesses of the author’s main argument and or the concepts laid out in the reading?

3. what is left ambitious, underdeveloped or unaddressed in the present reading? and what type of investigation could overcome these limitations? (focus on this question a lot)

Please read the instructions very carefully. And make sure to be very specific and relevant to the reading when answering the questions laid out above.

also I should add that this is in essay format so it should flow like one long essay paragraph rather than a question/ answer sheet.

Ill attach a sample paper that received 16/20. – The summary was too long on this one and they didn’t include a link to the other reading.