response to a article

Read the article – The Effect of Mandated Planning on Plan Quality by Gene Bunnell a & Edward J. Jepson Jr. b (2011).

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response to a article
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Read also chapter 1 of the class text – What Planners Do.

Provide an executive summary based on the following questions:

1. The text argues for the greater role of experts in planning as well as making of plans that have a broad public appeal. What are the practical implications/conflicts of these two approaches?

2. Baer identified 60 criteria for plan evaluation and were listed under eight headings. Please list the eight headings.

3. What are the main factors to consider when judging the quality of a plan?

4. Briefly discuss the rise of state planning mandates

5. What are the elements that go into comprehensive planning

6. Discuss the major findings of this article