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PS 1020 Unit I Discussion Board

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Do you believe the United States should change to a direct democracy or remain a representative democracy? Explain your answer.

Response to my classmate this is what they said:

My name is George, and I am a firefighter in the metro Atlanta area. I have been in that profession for nearly 14 years and have since learned the importance of getting an education. I am pursuing a B.S. in Fire Administration and currently the end is in sight. This course was a requirement to fulfill my hours, but I look forward to learning more about the workings of our government because I am not as well versed as I would like to be in that subject.

Our government has shifted over the years and with it, the parties have changed. Under our current setup, democracy is fulfilled by our state representatives taking “our ideas” to be heard. Unfortunately, I feel that often times, the agenda of the representative or the party comes before the ideas or desires of the voters. This is problematic because they are the only voices that genuinely affect change. I believe a direct democracy would ensure a more active population because it would be required to make change.

BCJ 3601 Unit 1 Discussion Board

Explain the purpose of law and discuss what you believe society would be like without laws. What effort has the United States made to standardize American law between jurisdictions? Do you think this is possible? Do you think this is a good idea? Why, or why not?

Response to classmate this is what they said:

Hello! I’m Lindsee, bio mom of two and foster mom of one. I am pursuing a degree in criminal justice administration because I have always wanted to work in the criminal justice field and administration has been my job for many years now, so it’s the perfect mix. I don’t have any exact plans for what I want to do with it but that will come with time. This course will assist me in knowing the important aspects of criminal law and I believe that no matter what career path you choose in criminal justice, you should have knowledge of the criminal law and what that looks like today.

The law is put in place to keep order and protect citizens. When laws are in place, there is a clear line of right and wrong and it’s much easier to hold people accountable. If there were no laws in place, our world would be complete chaos, it would be dangerous, and it would be a scary place. Citizens would live in fear and the protection that the law provides would be gone. The United States has made an effort to standardize American law between jurisdictions by making some laws nation-wide, which I do believe is a good idea for the most part. There are some things that I believe certain jurisdictions may do differently and that’s okay, but standardized federal laws make it to where people know what to expect. I do not think it is possible nor a good idea to make every single law a federal, standardized law across the whole country. I think federal laws should cover the very big things, such as capital crimes, and leave the smaller things to different jurisdictions.