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How to use rhetorical devices in your own writing

Essay #1 “What will be my final grade in this class (Writing 122 class) and why?”

DUE: Sun. Jan. 19 11:55 pm

LENGTH: 900–1000 words

Learning Objectives:

  • I want to see if you can write a basic WR 121 level first person, three point argument
  • I want you to learn seven basic rhetorical devices from the video linked above and use all seven in this short (900–1000 words) argumentation essay that answers this question: “What will be my final grade in this class (WR 122) and why?” You can be serious or funny or a mix of both as you use the rhetorical devices to build an essay that will persuade me, your audience.
  • I want you to review and practice a very basic, three point argument thesis sentence at the end of an introduction.
  • I want to see those WR 121 skills of well organized paragraphs and complete, correctly punctuated sentences.
  • I want you to learn that college academic English is not the same as journalism and social media English. This is a first person argumentation essay.
  • I want to see you integrating reference to one source for your “logos.”
  • I want to move you past the high school summary conclusion.


Primary Learning Video: “Common Rhetorical Devices”

Just a note: This essay assignment is meant to replicate the last essay you wrote in WR 121. It is also the kind of essay you may have written in middle and high school. I am making sure you can write a basic 1, 2, 3 argument using a classic thesis shape.

  • Read the Introduction to our textbook, pages 1-14.
  • Read Chapter 1, p. 19-28, which introduces the very helpful concept of “templates,” or standard ways of making certain kinds of sentences in English academic writing. I expect to see you applying these practices and concepts in this essay.
  • The grading rubric is below. You’ll note it is the same one as is used in grades 4-8, but the basics just don’t change.

This assignment asks you for YOUR viewpoint, so write in first (I/me/my) and third (he/she/it) person. You are writing in the first person (I), so don’t confuse your reader by switching to the second person (you). Don’t give me, your reader, advice. This is answering the question, ““What will be my final grade in this class (WR 122) and why?”

REQUIRED ELEMENTS for GRADING: (and yes, I expect you to click on each link and take notes on what is new to you–then use that info):

I have examples of this essay written to a different assignment:

Here is a successful student example by Hannah Darling

Would you like to see another successful student example? By Olivia Fulton

Or Another one? By Jake Storms