bus 622 week 5 discussion 1

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, review Chapter 13: Global Marketing Communications Decision I, and The Toyota Recall Crisis: Media Impact on Toyota’s Corporate Brand Reputation article.

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bus 622 week 5 discussion 1
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The promotion (P) of the marketing mix includes advertising, public relations, sales promotion, personal selling, and direct marketing. When a company embraces integrated marketing communications, it recognizes that the various elements of a company’s communication strategy must be carefully coordinated.


  • Determine four major difficulties that can compromise an organization’s attempt to communicate with customers in any location. Provide examples.

Some global marketers believe in a “one world, one voice” approach to global advertising worldwide, which simply means people everywhere want the same products for the same reason. Other global marketers believe in a localized approach and are skeptical of the global-village argument and they assert that consumers still differ from country to country, and advertise to their respective countries.

  • Explain which view of global marketing you embrace and believe is most effective. Provide examples to support your rationale.

Public Relations:

Public Relations (PR) “is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” Review the Toyota Crisis article carefully and search the web for more information needed to understand their case of PR.

  • Explain the issues that can arise in different country markets when marketers decide to implement a global sales promotion strategy.
  • Differentiate between personal selling and direct marketing.

Your initial discussion post should be 250 words.