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Group Presentation for Project 1

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Guidelines for the presentation

-Prepare 3 to 4 minutes-long presentation slides for each of the members in your group.

-Post the slides on Canvas, Discussion, by Monday 3:00 pm, Jan 27. (All groups are required to post the slides by then. After the first submission, you can also add revised one before your presentation date.)

-At the end of the presentation, you should talk about your group’s discussion on strengths and limitations of the articles you drafted. (What are the other relevant questions based on the research topic? What are the similarities and differences between the two sources? What features would you like to apply for your writing?)

-The format for the presentation can be casual. Think about what you want to highlight your analysis to the audience. What do you hope your readers or audience to have their takeaways from your presentation?

Grading focus (Total 30 points)

-Clarity of the presentation & Group discussions (15 points)

-Comprehensiveness of the article & Idea development (15 points)