creative activity 1 developing visual literacy

In Unit 1 & 2, you have been introduced to the basic components of art-making. Art terminology such as form, subject matter, content, context, iconography, abstraction, representational and nonobjective art have been introduced. In this creative activity, you will demonstrate an understanding of these terms, while also exploring first-hand the expressive and creative aspects of art-making.

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creative activity 1 developing visual literacy
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Download the complete instructions for this assignment here.

Post your response to the assignment in your group’s discussion board.

Click the Reply button below and then copy and paste or type your written response. Remember to attach or embed the images requested.

  • If you are unable to attach all images to your post, you can reply to your main post and then respond with other files.
  • Alternatively, you can upload the images to “Files” in the Group’s homepage (in the left-hand navigation column) and then attach/embed your images from there.
  • Please ensure that you attach/embed files that do NOT come linked from your email or some other password protected program. You may be able to see the images, but your peers and instructor cannot. This will result in a reduced grade.