cover all 4 points

Description:In marketing a key component to attracting potential customers is advertising.Advertising almost always has a focus that encompasses several components. Some of these components are as follows:

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cover all 4 points
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  1. Target Geography:This includes the region, country or specific smaller focus area that the marketer is trying to target
  2. Target Demographic:This includes the people usually determined by age, sex, educational level, profession, personal interests etc.
  3. Problem Solving Statement: This includes what specific reason does the advertising exist as it relates to solving a specific problem.
  4. Call to Action:This usually is a message that asks the potential buy to act.This may be to tell them about an event (i.e. the Super Bowl, sale at a store, test drive of a car, a performanceetc)

What you need to do:

Please pick 4 advertisements of your choice and list each one and where you saw/heard it.The ads can be on TV, Mobile, Radio or Internet.List out the specifics of the ad and cover the 4 points above including Target Geography, Demographic, the problem solving statement and what the call to action was of the ad.