nurs 6211 finance and economics in health care delivery

Dr. Sole,

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nurs 6211 finance and economics in health care delivery
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I appreciate your help on spreadsheet. I read your recommendations and agree that I need to remove the years on the spreadsheet.

Change your data, so that your numbers make more sense and you ‘pay off’ the debt and balance the books earlier in the project. (RECOMMENDED).

The expense and revenue numbers doesn’t matter, then you can just change random figures around, balance it all and I can then just use what you give me.

The next part of Assignment

Conduct a financial analysis of the proposed healthcare product or service by completing the following:

Part 1: Develop the Ratio Analyses Worksheet:

Open your Healthcare Budget Request workbook that you created in the previous Assignment, and navigate to the “A5 Ratio Analyses” worksheet.

  • Using the Healthcare Budget Request Workbook Step-by-Step Guide for guidance, create cost-benefit, break-even, marginal cost, and other analyses as directed for the product or service that you have proposed.

NOTE: You will copy your worksheet and analysis onto the Healthcare Budget Request Template (Word document) for submission.

Part 2: Summary of Analyses and Interpretation of Results:

Create a brief (1- to 2-page) description of your analyses. Be sure to address the following in your summary:

  • When will your organization’s investment(s) in the healthcare product or service break even?
  • What is the payback period?
  • What assumptions have you made in your analyses?
  • What do these analyses mean for your organization?