week 03 assessment

Week #03 Assessment

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week 03 assessment
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Please answer the following question.

Note: Your responses must be 3 paragraphs of 4-6 sentences per paragraph unless otherwise noted.

You are in a discussion with someone who does not understand why you cannot just take what the bible tells you at face value and live by those words. Utilizing the lessons that we have covered these last two weeks, how would a faithful Catholic respond to that comment?

In your answer, please make sure to include the teachings on the Deposit of Faith and its components, the senses of scripture and the need to return to the scriptures in every age to understand what the scriptures are trying to communicate with us today.

Exclusively use the Online Lecture and the reading material for the week to support your argument.


  • You have to read and understand the Online Lecture and the assigned reading materials that in the attached files. Then response to the Week #03 Assessment
  • You have to respond to the question(s) posted for the week assessment in less than 12 hours.
  • Posting must be 3 paragraphs in length (4-6 sentences per paragraph), cited with references from the Online Lecture and Reading Material ONLY
  • Response MUST be based exclusively from Online Lecture and Reading Material provided in this course and NOT from other outside sources. Plagiarism is not acceptable in any form and a score of zero will be given on the assignment, as it will be checked by Turnitin Website for plagiarism.
  • You have to read and understand the Online Lecture and the assigned reading materials that mentioned below. Then response to the Assessment.


  • KINDLY NOTE THAT I am Muslim and I just taking this course because it’s required to complete my degree plan at my school, so please take that inconsideration when you write the response.