200 words about film

Thursday, we watched Filmworker, about Leon Vitale the successful British actor who quit in the middle of his career to work for the master director Stanley Kubrick. The assignment is to write 200 words about the film and submit it to me by email, either pasted in or as an attachment.

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200 words about film
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Things to consider:

~ Are you as captivated as you are by a fictional feature?

~ Does the structure of the film follow traditional feature film three-act structure?

~ Is it an adaptation of three-act structure?

~ Does it have its own style of composition that is different altogether from the traditional feature?

~ What is the filmmaker trying to do with this work? Inform? Entertain? Criticize? Celebrate? Provoke thought? Shine light upon the subject?

~ How well does it succeed?

~ Is the film narrative or non-narrative? If it is non-narrative, how does it change your viewing experience from what you are used to? Was it unsettling? Was it exciting? Was it off-putting? Boring?

At this point in the semester we should be used to writing academically about film. Consider the questions asked above and come up with a focus for your posting. Don’t be random. E.G.: do you miss fictional characters and narrative? Do you like the interview format? Like the hard information and new knowledge about a topic?

Assume you don’t have to tell me anything about the story. Assume I only want to know what things you notice, what connections you make, what comparisons you found in viewing this movie.

Please note I need it within 8 hours. I am making 12 hours due time to avoid auto match.