complete article review easy half a page doubel spaced

Your article review: 12pt Times New Roman on a standard page with 1” margins, double-spacing, DO NOT include a header or heading or any other information on the top or bottom of the page. Your review should be no more than one page, though half of a page IS GREAT

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complete article review easy half a page doubel spaced
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Research Question: What is the specific research question the authors seek to answer?

Relevance: Have the authors demonstrated a need to answer this question? If they have, have they demonstrated that need in terms of the shortcomings of extant literature?

Operationalization: How have the authors operationalized their concepts—that is, how have they measured the ideas they discuss?

Method: What method do the authors use to test their hypothesis? Do they use a survey, an experiment, ethnographic interviewing, collection of extant data, etc.?

Justification of Method How do the authors justify their method?

Data: What kind of data do the authors collect, and how do they analyze that data?

Conclusions What are the authors’ main findings?

*you are expected to cite your article, APSA CITATION ONLY