cap editing

Let start with last draft comment from the prof:

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Avoid slang – ramp up to academic writing for the front half of the document. There are a couple of sentences that need re-wording. Review citation style.

refine the methods section – you have a mix of methods and discussion so sort out – make an appointment to review.

You will find the comments in the attached file document under the name “Capstone- 3rd draft”.

So I met the prof and we review the document and she gave me some suggestion and stuff need to be change.

1- You need to fix the paper format, APA style and add all section that you find in the attached files under the names “ELEMENTS OF THE FINAL PROJECT DOCUMENT” and “Basic APA Template 6th edition revised

2- Methodology: most of the stuff in methodology section are discussion so you should move most of them in discussion section. The methodology section is the short section in the paper and you need to write in details what is the process of this training program that we will create. For example we will say we looked to other countries and FEAM training program and we will use them to create our program. And how we will evaluate this program. I will include FEAM program in the attachment under the name “Emergency planning for first responder and their families“. I will also attached file for cap stone project under the name of “Cap example” so you can look at the Methodology and see how it was done.

3- you also will add some stuff at literature review as need it.